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In this post we are discussing a great game which is Parkers driving challenge  which is based on extremely popular show which is become parker! in which you guys get to enjoy flying planes and completing exciting racing car missions.

We have also discussed another great game which you guys might be interested in Turbo car racing 3d mod apk which is another great game. If you are interesting in racing games then you must check it out.

Parkers driving challenge

Parkers driving challenge

In this game your main motive is to foil your enemies plan by congregating a huge scheme by defeating all the racing mission that are available in the game and put an end to this criminals once and for all. The more mission you complete in this game, the more you will be rewarded with fund that can cover all your daily expenses and also your car’s.

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In this great game the player get to use the brain labs which will help him build or upgrade his cars. Upgrading your car abilities such as flying abilities and hot rod engines boost the chances of defeating your opponent during racing mission. Upgrading your cars will also help you to defeat them very easily.

Parkers driving challenge

Parkers driving challenge

with such abilities are available such as upgrading your cars. It will help you to achieve perfection in your missions. But you must proceed with precautions while driving your car and you must look around all your surrounding and make sure to evade those obstacles to protect your car which will lead to more fund, once you finished the race.

Parkers driving challenge

Parkers driving challenge

This is a really awesome game because i really enjoyed it because it has a clean and responsive interface. so wait no more download the game from here: game. So while you are downloading the game. let us discuss some exciting features of the game.


  • To stop the hood’s heinous activities, you must chase them and them get them off-road by ram into them which is just like need for speed rival’s game and it’s really awesome.
  • You will be given various search and rescue missions which will let you discover essential items that you can use to later upgrade your vehicle which will boost its performance and efficiency.
  • You can also customize driving methods such as tilts,Buttons and steering wheels.
  • There are more than 40 awesome driving missions in the game that will allow you to put a stop to the criminal activities of the hood.

What’s New:

  1. New Vehicle Upgrades available.
  2. Best Cars for purchase available.
  3. New skins for the cars available.

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