Block Puzzle Game Latest Download [Android]

Block puzzle Game is one of those beautiful puzzle games that we loved and cherished as a kid. As you all know that this is a classic Block Puzzle game which is one of the most loved game of 90’s generation. People used to play these types of games on their Nintendo gameboy which was launched in 1989. If you like to learn more about this then click here . Also Do you guys know that this game is still played in competitions. This is one of those games which are so simple yet it does get tricky when the speed from which blocks get down increases.

Block Puzzle Game

Block Puzzle Game Latest Download [Android]

Puzzle Block game might look simple but as you progress the difficulty will be increased and if you successfully placed the block to it’s correct place then you will be awarded with points and the more your persist in the game the more points you will score and once you got enough points then you can also compare them with your previous attempts to see how much you’ve improved your game.

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If you were to compare between various puzzle block games out there. then i must say this is one of the most simple yet complex games that really stimulate your mind and increase your brain productivity and sharpness as well. Latest research by Inc shows that we should play video games as they sharpen our memory and improve our motivation as well. Now if you want to explore more about puzzle games then you much checkout this great post.

Game Specifications

Last UpdatedJanuary 26 2019
Latest Version2.99
Size8.2 Mb
DeveloperFast Run
RequirementAndroid Version 4.0 or up


Let’s talk a little about the feature of this game

In 90’s people have to press alot of buttons to place the block in a certain direction while in this game you can simply drag the block and place them

There is no time limit so you can play the game however you like and you can also choose the difficulty that you want to set

This game also has leaderboard support which means you can also track your previous scores and see how much you’ve improve since last attempt

You can play this game offline

What’s New

This game has come with the new tetris style which people love alot.

Download Puzzle Block Game

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