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To Rent-Text-Classified-Ad

Text Classified Ads are:

  • Economical, Charges per line/word
  • Ad appearing in simple running text
  • Enhance with Tick, Border & Bold
To Rent-Classified-Display-Ad

Classified Display Ads are:

  • More Visible & Expensive
  • Use images_m/logos + formatting
  • Rate charged on per basis
To Rent-Display-AdDisplay Ads are:
  • Expensive (Rs.10,000+). Used by Businesses for Large Advertising Spends
  • Customize Ad Width, Height & Page Choice
  • Ad appears beside editorial content

To Rent Newspaper Ad Types



Classified Text Ad

It is the most cost effective forms of advertising in any Newspaper. The Ads appear in the classified section in the standard running text format. Rate is charged per Line/Word/Character basis. Enhancements like tick mark, color, bold font, border lead to extra charges.


Classified Display Ad

It is more visually appealing than classified text ads.Here one can add customized font, color, logo or image to make the ad visually more effective for the target readers. These ads are charged on the basis of per sq.

Why Book To Rent Ad in Newspapers?


 Property adverts in the classified section is one of the most sought after sections due to the growing and rapidly developing sector of Real Estate.

Just take note of the following tips in order to grab maximum attention for your Property and real estates advertisments:

  1. Since text ads are the simplest form of advertising, one of the best ways to enhance its deliverance is to make use of abbreviated words along with providing clear and complete contact details for the respondents
  2. ReleaseMyAd provides you with a set of ‘sample ads’ with which you can create your own ad matter or content
  3. The words or the characters can be emboldened for grabbing the attention of the readers. This feature is available for certain specific newspapers and is often a complimentary service
  4. Another way to help your advert maximum relevant responses is to specify the subcategory under which the ad should appear. The subcategories in the Property section range from To Let/Rent, Accommodation Wanted or Available, Estate Agents, Estate Properties. These can be further classified under Contractors, Banquets, Foreign Properties, Farms, Factories and many more as per your requirement
  5. In case of multiple locations or multiple newspaper releases, you can avail the combo discount offers as they cover large regions at adequately discounted rates
  6. The use of visual enhancements like ticks, screen borders and colour backgrounds makes them visually attractive and the advert stands out among other classified ads

 Classified Display ads or column ads have the potential to be fairly attention grabbing as well as generate a good number of reader responses if designed properly.

In order to grab maximum attention for your property advertisement, simply keep the following tips in mind while releasing your ad:

  1. First of all, keep in mind that CD adverts cannot vary much in width, they can only vary in length for most newspapers. The width of a column ad is generally not more than 3 cms which is same as a single column of a newspaper
  2. Secondly, please choose from the templates in which there is the option of uploading images and logos as they cost the same as the templates without these options
  3. Thirdly, try and make the header and footers of the newspaper ad template concise to make the ad subtle yet informative
  4. The use of images of the plot or estate or property in question and the use of logos of the real estate agencies imbibes interest and faith of the reader or prospective buyer
  5. Try and use contrast colours for the header & footer and the body to make it stand out among other adverts

How to Book To Rent Advertisement In Newspapers?


The aim with which releaseMyAd created an online solution for placing Proeprty classified adverts in any newspaper of your choice is to make the process of booking easy and fast. Your ad can be ready to be published in just 3 easy steps:

  1. At first, simply select the ad type which is Classified Text in this case which directs you to the page where you can choose your category as Property and also select the newspaper of your choice. You also have the option of different combo packages to choose from in order to avail discounts.
  2. In the next step, you are taken to the ‘Compose Ad’ page where you can create, compose and design your advertisement. Though text ads are simple and consist only of words, they can be enhanced and made more prominent with the help of ad enhancers available on our websites. These enhancers include background colours, ticks, screen borders, language translations and more. The use of such enhancements makes the advert more prominent and easily catches the attention of the readers. After you are done with the ad composition, you can view how your ad will appear in the newspaper chosen by you with our exclusive Live Ad Preview Feature.
  3. Last but not the least; you can proceed towards making the payment for the advertisement to confirm the timely release of the same. You can make your payment via our online [Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking (All Indian Banks)] or offline [Demand Drafts, Cheques, NEFT (Online Cash Transfer) and Cash collection from your doorstep] mediums as per your convenience.

The aim with which releaseMyAd created an online solution for placing Property classified display adverts in any newspaper of your choice is to make the process of booking easy and fast. Your ad can be ready to be published in just 3 easy steps:

  1. The first step comprises of choosing the ad type as Classified Display which in turn takes you to the page where you can select the category as Property as well as the newspaper in which you want your advertisement to appear. You can also choose from a range of discount packages available for multiple edition or newspaper ad releases.
  2. On the second step, you can select the basic design template from a range of pre designed formats, which are available both in colour and black and white. This pre designed template can be designed according to your own preferences with the help of colour change options, text formatting, image and logo uploading etc. On the ‘Compose Ad’ page you can also upload your own designed advert and specify the length and width of the same. ReleaseMyAd provides you with an exclusive option to have a glance at your advertisement before it is published in the newspaper with the Live Ad Preview Feature.
  3. In the last stage you can simply make your payment with the help of our online or offline payment modes. The online payment options include payments via Credit/Debit Cards, Net banking while the offline mediums vary from Demand Drafts, Cheque Deposits, Cash Collection from your office or home and NEFT (Online Wire Transfer).